Publishers sometimes find it difficult to make the move into the digital arena. You want to be where your readers are and your audience is spending increasingly more time on tablets and smartphones. At the same time, your resources are limited. You don’t have the money and time to invest in expensive tailor-made apps and produce specific content for mobile devices.

imgZine offers you a smart and cost effective solution. Our platform enables you to create a beautifully designed real time digital magazine for mobile devices, based on your existing content. No or extra editing, IT or design necessary. Embracing mobile publishing also comes with good news. Research shows that people read more and for longer intervals on tablets, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Real time updating

imgZine magazines are updated in real time, so your readers always see the latest content. Real time blogging is also supported in our apps. Posts are immediately visible.

Multi platform

We produce apps for all mobile platforms: iPad, iPhone and Android tablets and smartphones. We are currently working on a version for the new Windows 8 devices.

No extra IT or design

Our magazines require no extra IT effort or additional work of your designers. We craft a beautiful magazine based on your existing content. It’s as easy as that.

Up and running in weeks

Yup, we’re pretty fast. Your imgZine magazine can be in the App Store or Google Play in a matter of weeks.


Built to leverage mobile’s unique benefits, your imgZine magazine contains several advertising options. They include advertorials and full page ads.

Powerful analytics

Our analytics dashboard lets you closely monitor how people are reading your magazine, what articles are being opened, clicked on and shared with others.

What our customers say

Jan-Jaap Heij - De Nieuwe Pers

I’ve worked with several of the best app designers and builders in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the last couple of years. What I’ve learned is: they need to be good on design and technology, better on speed and flexibility, and brilliant in delivering great value for money. imgZine does all that and more”.

Jan-Jaap Heij – De Nieuwe Pers

Ewald Smits - MT MediaGroep

Great platform, great guys”.

Ewald Smits – MT MediaGroep

Rob Koenraads - Medix Publishers

As independent medical publisher we ask our suppliers to deliver quality on a short term and be flexible in service. imgZine meets this need. They quickly understand our requirements which we provide them for developing our real time app MedZine. imgZine is a young, innovative company and we are looking forward to roll out our MedZine app abroad”.

Rob Koenraads – Medix Publishers